Finding Accommodation in the UK

We help international students to secure a room in private rented accommodation near their university.

Please see our ACCOMMODATION FAQ for details of what we provide and the costs.


From the initial enquiry/referral the student will be required to complete the following form:

Student Accommodation Enquiry Form


The student completes a Student Accommodation Enquiry Form so we can source a property that matches their needs within their budget in the right location.


  • initial information required to establish the student preferred accommodation type
  • the distance they are willing to travel from the university of offer 
  • their budget
  • optional additional service
  • we use this information to source a property that matches the student requirements within their budget and availability in the specific location


Make payment for the level of service chosen.

Upon receipt of the above completed form and payment(non-refundable), we will then:


  • search for suitable accommodation matching the student’s requirements
  • send the student details, including photos/videos of the properties available, prices and our recommendations for the student to decide


We receive confirmation from the student that they like the property and are happy for us to secure it:

  • we forward the student the Landlords details so they can continue with the rest of the process



If the student choose the added option for UNIFUSION to view the property on their behalf then:


  • we go ahead and make an appointment to view the property
  • we give the student feedback of the accommodation
  • we forward the student the Landlords details so they can continue with the rest of the process




This process of securing the property, all the checks carried out, payment made and moving in can take up to 3 – 14 working days that’s why we advise you to start the process in good time prior to travelling to avoid incurring extra costs on temporary accommodation.